Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Pinterest Announces Update to Videos to Inspire Audiences in India to take Action on Ideas

Pinterest, Inc. (NYSE: PINS) today, announces new video updates for creators and brands to inspire audiences to take action on the ideas they discover. The updates include a video uploader tool available to all business accounts in India and a new video tab to make their videos even easier to discover by Pinterest users.

Pinterest’s latest video updates highlight the value in storytelling with sight, sound, and motion as they enable creators and brands to upload more relevant and personalized videos on the platform and make discovering video content more seamless for Pinterest users. The video uploader tool enables businesses and creators to easily upload new videos directly to Pinterest to engage with new and existing audiences. Launching to users in India on Android and mobile web, Pinterest’s video tab will help users to easily discover video-only content with a new tab located in the navigation bar.

Videos are one of the top creative tools on Pinterest for brands and creators as actionable and inspiring content thrives on the platform. In fact, the number of video views on Pinterest has grown more than 240% compared to 2019 and Pinterest users are 2x more likely to view videos on the platform to find an idea, product, or service that they can trust compared to videos on other media platforms. As video engagement continues to grow, Pinterest is continuing to add features and updates to make it easier for users to discover inspiring and engaging videos to take action on.

Pinterest will be holding a 2020 Video Awards where creators  from all across India will be able to submit their best video content across food, fashion, beauty, health & fitness.  The winners in each category will be awarded with a Pinterest takeover, amongst other prizes, and Pinterest users will be able to vote for a “Pinner’s Favorite 2020”.

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