Sunday, February 28, 2021

LG Innotek develops the world’s smallest ‘Bluetooth low energy module’

LG Innotek announced on July 14 that it has developed the world’s smallest Bluetooth module. With this development, LG Innotek is gearing up to advance further into the communication module market for Internet of Things (IoT).

LG Innotek’s “Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module for IoT” is a key component that enables data communications for IoT devices such as glucose measuring patches, smart lighting, outlets, switches, wireless earphones, and hearing aids. Thanks to its low power consumption feature, the module is mainly used for IoT devices that require limited power supply, such as small wearable devices. 

By linking various IoT devices to the smartphone, users can conveniently track blood glucose levels, remotely control lighting, outlets, switches, and operate wireless earphones or hearing aids at a short distance.

Notably, the IoT products featuring LG Innotek’s BLE module are small and slim but boast of excellent communication performance. With differentiated radio frequency (RF) signal design and antenna technology, and ultra-precision circuit technology, component space is reduced while the data transmission distance is increased.

As IoT devices become smaller and higher, the market has higher expectations for the size and performance of communication modules. This is why the industry is paying close attention to LG Innotek’s BLE module.

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