Wednesday, January 27, 2021

China amongst top five countries for autonomous vehicles-related industry partnerships, According to KPMG

China is one of the top five performing countries in terms of securing the highest score in autonomous vehicles (AVs)-related industry partnerships, rising from thirteenth place last year, according to a KPMG global report. In addition, Beijing was identified as one of the five hyperconnected cities undertaking ground-breaking work at a municipal level.

In its third edition, the 2020 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI) report evaluates the progress of 30 countries and jurisdictions across 28 indicators to assess their readiness and progress in furthering AV deployment and innovation. The indicators are organized under four pillars: policy and legislation, technology and innovation, infrastructure and consumer acceptance. This year, countries leading the overall ranking with the highest scores are Singapore (25.45), the Netherlands (25.22) and Norway (24.25). China’s overall ranking remains the same as last year, in 20th position, however the country has seen progress as reflected by its increased score (from 14.41 to 16.42). China also remains in the top five in terms of market share of electric cars (EVs), a key precursor to AVs.

Beijing, the first Chinese city to authorize the testing of AVs on public roads in 2017, has taken a leading position among China’s cities and continues to dedicate resources to researching and developing the use of self-driving vehicles, serving as a model for other Chinese cities. In December 2019, Beijing began to allow the testing of AVs with passengers. The city is highlighted in this year’s report as one of the top five to watch that are paving a future for AVs. The other four cities featured are Detroit, Helsinki, Pittsburgh and Seoul.

The importance of AVs to Beijing is rated as “extremely important in three years” in the report, as China plans to use AVs in major events, such as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics; The Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee is hoping to make the events the most technologically driven yet, with AVs playing a huge role.

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