Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Neutrogena Introduces New Healthy Scalp Haircare Collection

Neutrogena®, the makers of the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand, announced today the launch of Neutrogena® Healthy Scalp collection, bringing the science of skincare to scalp and haircare. Neutrogena® Healthy Scalp is clinically proven to cleanse and moisturize your scalp without stripping strands. The haircare expansion was developed through an in-house collaboration at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health between Neutrogena® and the hair care experts at Vogue International, makers of OGX® and Maui Moisture®.

The idea behind the new collection was driven by the growing “skinification” of haircare and a shifting consumer desire to approach haircare with more than just strand health. Non-medicated Neutrogena Healthy Scalp starts with a healthy, gentle daily approach to overall scalp and hair health, while traditional haircare focuses on the strand and therapeutic scalp solutions are tailored to address specific scalp concerns.

NEW Neutrogena Healthy Scalp
The new Neutrogena Healthy Scalp collection includes four key varieties featuring shampoos and conditioners infused with iconic Neutrogena key skincare ingredients for scalp and hair. Powered by ultra-gentle surfactants to allow for daily cleansing and clinically proven to moisturize both hair and scalp, Neutrogena Healthy Scalp helps to create a balanced scalp environment and healthy-looking hair*.

  • Hydro Boost with Hyaluronic Acid – Formulated for dry scalp and hair, this shampoo and conditioner duo boosts dry scalp’s hydration level and moisturizes dry/damaged hair to keep strands healthy and hydrated
  • Clarify & Shine with Pink Grapefruit – Clarifies and exfoliates oily scalp and hair to reveal healthy-looking, shiny hair
  • Gentle & Soft with Micellar Water – For those with sensitive scalp, this formula gently cleanses scalp and strands without stripping moisture
  • Soothe & Calm with Tea Tree Oil – For those with dry scalp discomfort, this formula relieves scalp discomfort and hydrates dry scalp for healthy, beautiful hair
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