Thursday, November 26, 2020
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The Republic of Argentina Announces Amendment to Invitation to Exchange

The Republic of Argentina (the “Republic”) today announced its decision to improve the terms and conditions of the Republic’s invitation to certain holders of its foreign currency external bonds to exchange those instruments for new bonds to be issued by the Republic (the “Invitation”), initially set forth in its prospectus supplement dated as of April 21, 2020. Table A and Table B set forth the list of bonds eligible to participate in the Invitation (the “Eligible Bonds”).

Argentina will revise the terms and conditions of the Invitation mainly to:

  1. increase the consideration to be received in exchange for Eligible Bonds, by reducing principal haircut, increasing coupons and shortening maturities on the New Bonds (as defined below) being offered, and including a U.S. dollar-denominated bond due 2030 (the “USD 1.00% 2030 Bonds”) or Euro-denominated bond due 2030 (the “Euro 0.500% 2030 Bonds”) to be delivered as consideration for any accrued and unpaid interest from and including the last date on which interest was paid under the Eligible Bonds up to but excluding April 22, 2020;
  2. allow holders of Euro-denominated and Swiss franc-denominated Eligible Bonds to elect U.S. dollar-denominated New Bonds, subject to acceptance priority procedures and caps;
  3. include the delivery of USD 1.00% 2030 Bonds or Euro 0.500% 2030 Bonds in an aggregate principal amount determined by reference to accrued and unpaid interest on the Eligible Bonds tendered from and including April 22, 2020 to but excluding September 4, 2020, to be delivered as consent consideration for holders that submit and do not revoke (or have submitted and not revoked) a valid and accepted tender order;
  4. adjust the terms and conditions of the rights upon future offers provision described in the Invitation, to conform such rights to the modifications described in 1 to 3 above;
  5. allow holders of Eligible Bonds issued under the 2005 Indenture to exchange those Eligible Bonds for New Bonds to be issued under the 2005 Indenture; and
  6. include minimum participation thresholds as a condition to the consummation of the Invitation, which condition may not be waived by the Republic.
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